A year ago I fell in love with Working For a Nuclear Free City. It was the beginning of the school year and I was still using iTunes to find new music. WFANFC is one of the few bright spots in my much-wasted iTunes career that was filled with many, many (now useless) DRM’d AAC tracks. Back in those days, the “Just For You” feature in the iTMS worked beautifully: it would take all the albums you’d purchased from the store and recommend similar well- and lesser-known bands. WFANFC is one of the bands that popped up in this system and my life will never be the same.

WFANFC is by far my favorite band in the admittedly uneven post-rock genre. Falling more on the rock side of post-rock, they combine atmospheric instrumentals with gorgeous melodies and sparse, ethereal vocals. In order to avoid the transient and sometimes unengaging aspects of orchestral and instrumental music, WFANFC utilizes tight song structures and looped hooks to keep the listener consistently entertained.

Take “Asleep at the Wheel”, for example. This is a new track of their forthcoming US-debut, Businessmen and Ghosts (out October 16th on Deaf Dumb + Blind), and it is almost entirely based on one guitar riff. Despite the electronica-esque repetition of said riff, WFANFC takes it to soaring heights throughout various melodic shifts and underlying chord changes, and yet manages a dynamic shift (with the same riff) to bring the song to a soft landing.

Needless to say, I am excited for Businessmen and Ghosts. The released will combine their self-titled debut with the Rocket EP and some unreleased tracks (of which “Asleep at the Wheel” is one). It’s track listing is as follows:

CD 1 Businessmen

224th day
Troubled Son
Dead Fingers Talking
Sarah Dreams Of Summer
Apron Strings
All American Taste
Quiet Place
England part 2
Stone Cold

CD 2 Ghosts

Eighty Eight
Get A Fucking Haircut
The Tree
The Tape
Asleep at the wheel
Soft Touch
Pixalated Birds
Je suis le vent
Nancy Adam Susan (Shatter)

Interestingly, B&G will mix up the original track listing of the self-titled album with the EP and unreleased tracks, rather than keeping original order for the first disc and reserving the second disc for the EP and new additions. Regardless, I am eagerly anticipating October.

WFANFC – “Asleep at the Wheel” [] [Buy]
WFANFC – “Troubled Son” [] [Buy] [via KEXP]