A few songs from around the interwebs this past week:

[Head of FemurLeader and the Falcon] My initial reaction was Matt Pond PA: similar vocals, uncomplicated guitar, a violin, harmony, yadda yadda.

[Sick of SarahBittersweet] This song could be a top 40 hit if Kelly Clarkson was singing it. Tight structure, strong hook and a passionate female behind the reigns. The guitar is a little lacking, but this is made up for in the vocals. [Ministry recommended]

[Deer TickThese Old Shoes] I love this man’s voice. A song of the “I tried so hard to get to your side but my plane crashed, car hijacked, etc” variety, it isn’t one of my favorites from Deer Tick, but it is still memorable.

[The FormsBones] Time shifts, shifty vocals, smart harmonies. Slightly gritty indie = stuck on repeat. [Ministry recommended]

[Bishop AllenYou Ain’t No Picasso] No explanation necessary.

(via The Bomb Shelter, Largehearted Boy, Shake Your Fist, Stereogum, and You Ain’t No Picasso, respectively)